Service Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Austin - Southpark Meadows

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4/12/18 6:06pm First time HERE I walk in, check in, I select a stylist. Diana seems very popular, good wait time about 50 minute wait, so I select her. I go run some errands at the adjacent store’s and then come back and sit down and wait. 7:00pm rolls around and my name is at the top of the list and it appears that I am next. Needless to say I am NOT. I’m pretty chill in situations like this and understanding but now I see that I am continuously being passed up. All the while my name is at the top of the list. 7:35 ish they pull back someone who came in way after me and was called earlier but refused because he wanted a specific stylist so it was changed so he waited, then was called by the stylist. NOW I had ENOUGH! I got up waited at the login desk for someone to attend me and one stylist did so, I thanked them ALL FOR NOTHING! I gave her the time I signed in and she said to me that I was not chosen because “I REQUESTED A STYLIST” what a bunch of BS! My go to location is in San Marcos, and I’ll never be back to this location! Again...THANKS FOR NOTHING!

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